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I maintain this personal wiki for me and you.

It is a place where I collect notes, clippings and thoughts about what I read, be it papers or books.

Unlike a blog, I don’t usually write my opinions or present new information here. Rather, I use this site to organize what I learn and want to link to other ideas, maintaining evergreen notes in the way of Andy Matuschak and others.

If you wish to browse this wiki, you could also click any random article in the base page, or use the search bar (tag-based search is implemented, but it also greps titles).

You are encouraged to message me if any doubts arose about anything in this site, if further discussion is desired or if you have reflected on the topics presented here before.

The notes in the Garden are divided into certain kinds, and the following are the ones I think a reader may enjoy the most.

Book Reviews

I store every quote I found especially interesting in each book on a separate page of this wiki. Here are presented the books where the notes were abundant enough to be interesting. [articles under tag : book. See also books category page.]

Big Notes (MOOCs)

Big Notes encompass multiples sources, but usually form around a MOOC and then get updated as I go through the recommended reading.


If I read a paper, find it interesting, and think I will want to think about it again in the future (especially if I plan on reading related papers later), I will write a summary of it and save the most important bits here. These are the papers I’ve read so far (mostly in the Machine Learning/Deep Learning space). [under tag: paper ]

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