About Me

I'm Luciano Strika, a Computer Scientist and complete geek.

I am a Software Developer at Microsoft, working on Word Copilot as a full-stack developer, with an emphasis on backend services.

In my free time I also watch industrial amounts of anime and manga, keep up with the newest AI papers, study Japanese and read books (both fiction and non-fiction).

Sometimes I share projects and ideas that I think are beautiful, as an essay in my blog. I used to post Machine Learning tutorials in my previous blog.

When I built this site I felt like I hadn't done any web development in a while and wanted to give it a try. Nowadays, I feel that maintaining and tending to a website bit by bit, making it more beautiful and cleaner with every alteration, until it becomes a great place to hang out and read, sounds like the kind of long-term project I would be happy to put my energy into.

I haven't written in the blog a lot yet, but I keep a pretty neat Digital Garden with evergreen notes, that also doubles as my personal wiki and paper notes repository. Give it a look!

Some of my intellectual influences are Scott Alexander and Gwern. Like old masters, they showed me how great a website can be. More directly, I was inspired to start writing again by Guzey and Tom Critchlow.

Feel free to hit me up in any of the media linked below. We can have a chat or maybe exchange memes. Your call.