About Me

I'm Luciano Strika, a Computer Scientist, Data Scientist and complete geek.

I spend my time reading Machine Learning papers or books, programming, and studying Japanese. I used to post Machine Learning tutorials in my previous blog. In my free time I also watch industrial amounts of anime and manga, and love reading books (both fiction and non-fiction).

I felt like I didn't have enough experience in the whole web development side of things, and wanted to try out something like this. I also wanted one of these cute GitHub websites every developer seems to be getting.

So I made this site. I haven't written a lot in the blog yet, but I keep a pretty neat Digital Garden with evergreen notes, that also doubles as my personal wiki and paper notes repository. Give it a look!

Feel free to hit me up in any of the media linked below. We can have a chat, iterate your world domination plans, or maybe exchange memes. Your call.