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Recent Articles

Reinforcement Learning for Beginners: Coding a Maze-solving Agent from Scratch

Introduction to Reinforcement Learning. I explain the Sarsa algorithm, code an example from scratch in Python, and teach an AI to solve mazes.

Ant Colony Optimization for the Traveling Salesman Problem

I made an Ant Colony Optimization-based TSP solver in Python. I share the code, insights and benchmarks versus other algorithms.

Stable Diffusion: Prompt Guide and Examples

Prompt guide for Stable Diffusion including examples and tricks to create great images. Prompt engineering.

How to Set Up a Personal Wiki (with Jekyll)

Tutorial on how to make a digital garden / personal wiki using my template.

DALL-E 2 Art: Experiments with Prompts or How I Got My New Wallpaper

A curated collection of images I made with DALL-E 2, together with advice on writing the best prompts.

Digital Gardens: my Approach to Note-Taking Methods

My thoughts on note taking, personal wikis, digital gardens and zettelkastens.

Lossy Image Compression with Dithering

Floyd–Steinberg dithering and how to create a version of an image that uses a reduced color palette, preserving quality.

Confidence Intervals in Python using Bootstrapping

A tutorial showing how to implement Confidence Intervals in Python using Bootstrapping, with example code.

Text to Image Art: Experiments and Prompt Guide for DALL-E Mini and Other AI Art Models

I discuss how to write better prompts for DALL-E mini, and bigger models.