Comparison between both anime and the manga on each particularly gory’s scene level of censorship.

by /u/F_G_E_S

Overall, the one major scene that the 1999 anime had going for it in terms of gore was Killua ripping out Jones’ heart. But overall, putting everything together, there was slightly more censorship in the 1999 anime than in the 2011 one.

And even if you still think that the 1999 anime censored less gore than the 2011 anime, you should see by now that the comparison of censorship between the two adaptations is not nearly as one-sided or clear-cut as most people make it seem.

Interestingly, this raises a question: what’s the reason behind this widely held notion (which, as I said, I was guilty of believing in as well)? I think it’s probably because of the scene where Killua rips out Jones’ heart, which the 2011 anime censored but the 1999 anime didn’t. It’s also partly because of the 1999 anime’s darker tone and more serious pacing.

But regardless of any of that—well, there you have it. The 1999 anime wasn’t a super edgy gorefest and the 2011 anime isn’t inspired by Teletubbies. In fact, they both have had their fair share of censorship, with the 1999 anime censoring slightly more content overall than the 2011 one. /r/HunterXHunter

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13 Jun 2020 - importance: 4