Age of Empires II

General Tips from around the Web

First 15 villagers

Fast Castle Strategy

For Archery rush:

You can complement archers with a few spearmen, skirms on late, and this strategy requires you to commit to gold and wood faster and more strongly.

Building tips

From this video.

Fast Castle Build Order

From Morley Games

In Feudal

Archer Rush build order

From Morley Games

Villager Estimations

A villager collects roughly 1 resource every 3 seconds, so e.g. the 800 food for Castle age take 2 minutes to collect if you dedicate 20 villagers to it. In general it takes 3*F/V seconds for V villagers to collect F food (or any other resource). I think this number is a slight overestimation if the collection point is close, underestimation if it’s far.

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