General Bookmarks and Links

Remove background from a picture and get a transparent one instead. Works like a charm for Roll20 tokens.

A soft murmur, plays rain noises.

Free icons

Clipboard to markdown. As great as it sounds and it works like a charm so far.

HN’s recommended MOOCs list (with links)

Image to text

Cool art digimon inspired:

Maniani, awesome Pixiv artist

US State Salary Scale for Seattle


Same energy: income percentiles by age.

Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize

A nice resource on Roman Naming Practices, and the origin of Modern Surnames:

1MB club

Make low-poly images (they look nice for some posts’ header image).

ChatGPT Prompts

Emotion Wheel

Anime of the Year Tokyo award

80’s anime primer

Index of books in JP with difficulty levels. Seems pretty good at ranking.

Visuals and stats


Fragile State Index

Games for Engineers

(of note: anno 1404, factorio, timberborn, frostpunk)

Agricola strategy guide.

Church of Interruption.

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