Quotes and Passages from Pride and Prejudice

These are my notes and review for this book. For other reading notes see tag: books

I read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen in late 2023 and loved it. The following are my favorite quotes, either for the way they are phrased (as I love how people spoke back in the Regency Era or before) or their content, especially if they reveal something of that time’s prevalent worldview.

A composure of temper and an uniform cheerfulness of manner, which would guard her from the suspicions of the impertinent.

There is a very fine old saying, which every body here is of course familiar with—‘Keep your breath to cool your porridge,’—and I shall keep mine to swell my song.

It is what every body says. I do not trust my own partiality.

Yes, vanity is a weakness indeed. But pride—where there is a real superiority of mind—pride will be always under good regulation.

I cannot be otherwise than concerned.

Not what I was intended for, but circumstances have now made it eligible.

And now nothing remains for me but to assure you in the most animated language of the violence of my affection

Without thinking highly either of men or of matrimony, marriage had always been her object: it was the only honourable provision for well-educated young women of small fortune, and, however uncertain of giving happiness, must be their pleasantest preservative from want.

I am sorry to have occasioned pain to any one. It has been most unconsciously done, however, and I hope will be of short duration.

His actions were capable of a very different construction.

However temporary its existence might prove, had at least outlived one day.

A diffidence which marked her little in the habit of…

Jane then took it from her pocket-book, and gave it to Elizabeth.

(For its mention of a pocket-book, which sounds like a Regency-era Commonplace book sort of thing, a fitting mention inside this website)

I do not speak it to be thanked, therefore say nothing about it.

He was received by Mrs. Bennet with a degree of civility which made her two daughters ashamed, especially when contrasted with the cold and ceremonious politeness of her courtesy and address of his friend.

Elizabeth, who was left by herself, now smiled at the rapidity and ease with which an affair was finally settled, that had given them so many previous months of surprise and vexation.

Show her Ladyship about the different walks. I think she will be pleased with the hermitage.

(One of those Regency era hermitages like in the memes)

You refuse to obey the claims of duty, honour, and gratitude.

Nor could she for many hours learn to think of it less than incessantly.

I am the happiest creature in the world. Perhaps other people have said so before, but no one with such justice.

Words I learned: complaisance, supercilious, panegyric

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